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Exceptional Service

Our identity is shaped by experience, expertise, and dedication, defining the quality of services we provide. We take pride in consistently delivering an outstanding client experience. Our commitment is not just to meet but to exceed your expectations. We focus on excellence through continuous staff training to keep our team at the forefront of industry knowledge.

Understanding your needs and challenges with technology is our priority. We oversee your project from start to finish. Our commitment extends beyond installation; we’re equally devoted to providing long-term service and maintenance to ensure your technology works at its best. Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s how we measure our success.

contemporary living room with sofa and a coffee table

In your home, we create, install, and integrate technology for maximum performance, comfort, and convenience. Monitoring and controlling your home from the start, to the finish and for the life of the system is our priority.

contemporary living room with wall mounted tv

Design and Engineering Services

When you team up with HEDnorth, you get a dedicated crew backing your tech dreams. With years of experience, our experts turn your ideas into a fully integrated electronics solution. Unlike typical proposals, our HEDnorth System Design Team carefully crafts our systems.

As your system takes shape, our design team creates detailed engineering docs to ensure the design’s strength and alignment with your needs. These docs, along with other support materials, form a comprehensive design package. It gives a clear scope of work, leaving no room for confusion and ensuring a perfect match with your technological vision.

Lighting Control

Good lighting transforms the feel of your home. To lay the groundwork for outstanding design, we explore various lighting options and control features. At HEDnorth, we specialize in simplifying these choices and crafting advanced lighting plans that seamlessly adapt to your needs and daily routines.

a contemporary living room with a tv
contemporary living room with wall mounted tv

Window Treatments

Electronic Tint, Shading & Drapery

In crafting the lighting design for your home, capturing natural light is crucial. We work closely with you, your interior designer, and architect to create, install, and customize advanced shading and drapery solutions. With a simple button press or predefined scenes, you can effortlessly control shading for privacy, temperature regulation, or adjusting lighting as the day unfolds.


Music is more than just entertainment—it boosts mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Whether you’re actively engaged or enjoying it in the background, music adds to your overall happiness.

Our goal is to surround you with music, even at low volumes. We achieve this by researching and collaborating with top audio manufacturers for the finest solutions, including concealed options. No matter your style, from streaming to classic vinyl, entertaining guests, or relaxing, we tailor a music experience just for you at home.

a contemporary living room with a tv
contemporary living room with wall mounted tv

Home Theater/Media Rooms

Dedicated Audio Video Systems

We specialize in creating dedicated rooms for immersive experiences—whether it’s a high-performance screening room, a cozy family space, or a versatile multi-purpose room. For years, we’ve worked closely with clients and partners to design remarkable media rooms that fit different preferences.

With endless choices in shows and movies, TV is now interactive and immersive. At HEDnorth, we take pride in crafting components for an ideal experience that seamlessly blends into your decor and can vanish when needed.

We also cater to all your content needs, making it easy for you to access and control whatever you want to watch.


Environmental, Touch, and/or Voice

The best control system strikes a balance between efficiency and productivity, creating a user experience that’s stress-free. Our system designs are built on this fundamental need, whether for a single room or your entire home. With a touch, your voice, or in response to events like sunset, our designs empower you to seamlessly trigger multiple commands, whether you’re at home or away. We can create a system that responds on your behalf.

a contemporary living room with a tv
contemporary living room with wall mounted tv


Anything achievable indoors, we can seamlessly extend to the outdoors—consider it taken care of.


Network (WiFi), & Video Monitoring

Consider our systems as the heartbeat of communication in your home. WiFi, a fundamental part of our design, ensures seamless connectivity for all your devices. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, working from home, or connecting smart devices, our robust WiFi network provides a fast and reliable connection.

Video monitoring adds an extra layer of security and awareness. Keep an eye on your surroundings, from the kids playing in the backyard to monitoring entrances. We prioritize your interests, be it for convenience or just peace of mind.

Adhering to the highest standards, we use premium products to guarantee not just connectivity, but optimal performance.

Whether you’re at home or away, our customizable systems are ready to provide support whenever needed.

a contemporary living room with a tv

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